A headshot image of Carlos Cerda
Carlos Cerda, PE

Construction Manager

Carlos is the lead construction manager at Red Barn and has a proven track record of jobs well run that are complex and required detailed commissioning along with elevated structures, tunnels, and utilities.  He has worked internationally on projects ranging from construction engineering for large seawater reverse osmosis plants to civil/structural engineer for the completion and turnover of gas extraction plant with commissioning.  As a construction manager, he is thorough in his understanding of the work and has a proven-track record of working with over 400 subcontractors and developing relationships that yield a safe and successful project.

Construction Area Manager, Deputy and Project Field Engineering Manager

PE - WA #43891
UW Heavy Construction Project Management

MS Construction Management
BS Civil Engineering

Selected Projects:

Sound Transit Lynnwood Link
QV Manager

West Nile Delta Gas*
Area Field Engineering Manager
Escondido Water Supply*
Project Manager
Minera Escondida Organic Growth Project 1*
Deputy & Project Field Engineering Manager
National Energy Facility*
Construction Engineer/Civil-Structural Engineer
Clean Air Project - Flue Gas Desulphurization*
Project Field Engineer
Elm Road Generation Station
Project Field Engineer

*Denotes Work Completed at a previous firm.