Engineers & Developers in Seattle

Red Barn knows what it takes to get jobs done, but we also understand client needs. As a team of civil engineers, drafters, surveyors, infiltration engineers, and construction managers, we created two divisions to encourage growth and expansion which facilitate custom streamline workflows.

The Site Development Group (“Site Dev”) provides designs and design support that meet jurisdiction standards, coordinates with architects and landscape architect plans and considers the environment. Our core service areas support civil design by efficiently preparing site development plans, specifications, and estimates. The Civic Group works with schools and government agencies on engineering packages which include the public bid process. We understand these projects require competent management of the schedule, budget, and design documents in order to be successful.

At Red Barn, we are a synergetic team that looks forward to working with you on your next project.

Contact our staff to begin working with our engineers and developers. We serve clients in Seattle, Washington, and throughout the state.