Rebekah J. Weston, PE, LEED AP

President & Owner
Civil Engineer & Water Resources

Rebekah founded Red Barn Engineering Inc. with the goal that more technology should be incorporated into the production of the civil engineering plans and permitting. Many years of project management, design, and permitting have lead Rebekah to a recipe of success on projects. She has streamlined the process and is continuing to develop new strategies in developing more efficient plan, specification, & estimates (PS&E) development. She is leveraging her past experience plus her optimization background in mathematics and computer science to develop the Red Barn's Zoompermit© Approach to projects. Rebekah's exemplary project management skills result in reducing costs by innovation particularly with stormwater and establishing the bottom line and triple bottom line analysis for private and public clients, respectively.

Principal Civil Engineer & Owner

PE - WA #45286
UW Sust. Transportation
5X Entreprenuer Series (Sponsored by Port of Seattle, Kenmore Business Incubator, Hot100 Business)

MS Civil Engineering
MS Industrial Mathematics
BS Mathematics

WSEMA Board - 2017 Secretary
City of Brier Planning Commission (Since 2010)

Talk: From Asphalt to Bioretention: Lessons Learned from Two Parking Lot Retrofits (w/ Nakano Associates)
SPU's 2015 Green Gardening Workshop
Article: Add science, business, mathematics and stir
USA Today, 2004


Contact our staff  to learn more about our civil engineering consultant. We serve clients in Seattle, Washington, and throughout the state.

Selected Projects:

Green Dot High School
PM/Principal Civil Engineer
Eastside Prep - Tali Hall
PM/Principal Civil Engineer
Peninsula College - Maier Hall
PM/Lead Civil Engineer

Kenmore City Hall
PM/Lead Civil Engineer
SPU-Lower Taylor Creek Options Analysis
Lead Civil Engineer
Seattle Parks - Portage Bay
PM/Lead Civil Engineer
Seattle Parks - Golden Gardens Stairs
PM/Lead Civil Engineer

Many Design-Build Contracts
PM/Lead Civil Engineer

Over 70 projects completed in one year
PM/Principal Engineer

Mixed-Use/High Rise Projects
koz Market Street
PM/Engineer of Record
co-PM/Lead Civil Engineer
PM/Lead Civil Engineer
Youngstown Flats
Lead Civil Engineer
koz South Lake Union
PM/Principal Engineer

Utility Systems
Industrial Site Custom Bioretention
PM/Engineer of Record/Permitting
192nd Fish Passable Culvert
PM/Lead Civil Engineer
City of Auburn - Well 1
PM/Lead Civil Engineer
SDOT, Mercer West
SWMM5 Modeler