Site Development Division

Red Barn’s Site Dev Division consists of all the core service groups with the focus on the following type of projects:

  • Mixed-Use/High Rise
  • Multifamily/Townhomes
  • Single Family Residential
  • Commercial/Warehouses
  • Each one of these projects involves the civil engineer steering the process for the data needed in order to obtain land development activity (LDA) or site development permits. At Red Barn, the civil engineering group issues a survey and geotechnical checklist that starts the process of data collection. From there the team sets up the drawings and coordinates with the design team in order to make sure that the utilities and landscaping lines up with the building plans. In many ways, the site development work is similar to getting a berth ready for a large ship – where the building, home, or utility structure is the ship. Much of what we do is unseen, but is very important for the overall function.

    Red Barn has custom CSI specifications, standard set-ups and processes, as well as a thorough safety program for employees on-site. We are ready for your next project!

    Contact our staff to learn more about our site design services. We serve clients in Seattle, Washington, and throughout the state.