Water Resources & Shoreline Design

Red Barn knows the regulations and permitting requirements to manage, design, model, and provide coordination with critical area specialists. Our staff understands that there are special regulations that are in place to protect the environment and for future watershed/fish passage improvement projects. We coordinate with agencies, Owners, design team, and Tribes to ensure our solution meets the intent of the current regulations.
Red Barn’s core service areas of survey, geotechnical, and civil engineering provide a streamlined approach to integrate the physical data required to provide the following:

  • Stream alignment & cross-sections (using UAV/Drone & Survey Mapping)
  • Wetland Delineation (using Survey Mapping to survey flags)
  • Soil conditions & analysis (using Geotechnical Services)
  • Setbacks and site layout for utilities & residential projects
  • Stormwater management with downstream analysis
  • Stream modeling using SWMM & HEC-RAS for culvert replacement including fishways
  • SEPA permitting and public notice postings & mailings
  • Strong relationship working with Corp, WDFW, and Tribes
  • Shoreline permitting for piers, Accumar Lifts*, bulkhead removals, bulkhead replacements, and soft shore restoration, trained in Green Shores for Homes certification
  • Proven track-record for WDFW Streamlined Fish Enhancement Permitting

Projects completed by Red Barn:

  • Anderson Island Residence, Shoreline Permitting for Pier and Accumar Lift, Pierce County, WA
  • Lake Chelan Residence w/ US 97A Culvert Analysis
  • Kenmore Variance w/ Storm/Stream Modeling for Cat Whisker’s Stream (Fish-Bearing Stream), Kenmore, WA
  • Bothell Residence w/ North Fork Perry Creek Tributary (Fish-Bearing Stream), Bothell, WA
  • Woodway Residence Bluff Stabilization – Permanent Storm Drainage Design & Permitting
  • Laurelhurst Residence Beach Cove – Erosion & Sediment Control Design w/ Silt Curtain
  • Weston, Connecticut Residence – Outfall Design
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Stream Design

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Natural Channel Design


Soft Shore Design

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Culvert Replacement

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Steep Slope Drainage

Contact our staff to learn more about our water resource services. We serve clients in Seattle, Washington, and throughout the state.