Darin Stephens is the Construction Management Division Manager for Red Barn Engineering with more than 21 years of engineering experience in the Puget Sound region. He is a Professional Engineer licensed in the State of Washington and has vast experience in managing bridgework contracts, performing construction management, and supervising resident engineers and inspectors. Darin has amassed significant experience working with several City of Seattle agencies. His experience includes nine years of working as a Construction Engineer Supervisor for the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT). During this time, Darin was responsible for delivering many of the largest City of Seattle projects, all of which involved significant coordination with Seattle Public Utilities (SPU), and Seattle City Light (SCL) for both new construction and new installation of utility infrastructure. Darin has experience in all phases of construction management, such as utility coordination, change management, daily reporting, team coordination, pay application processing, and the as-built and closeout process. Darin has extensive experience in managing complex projects such as structural, civil, drainage, electrical, and sewer. He dedicates himself to teaming with contractors, clients, stakeholders, and other agency personnel to achieve projects on schedule and within budget.