Ms. Weston established Red Barn in April 2016 and serves as its CEO/COO. She is the Chairman of the Board of Directors and frequently provides insights into the Women Who Lead series with the Puget Sound Business Journal. She has served on the following boards/commissions: Washington State Emergency Management Association, Inglewood Golf Course Maintenance Committee, and the City of Brier Planning Commission (for over ten years).

Before founding Red Barn Group, Inc. and its subsidiaries, Ms. Weston spent 15 years working at various A&E firms, starting with site development in Tacoma, WA, and then working in Seattle, WA at KPFF Consulting Engineers. She was promoted to Associate at KPFF in 2011 and helped lead the site development group in multifamily housing and military upgrades, studies, and design-build projects. She then worked as a hydrogeologist and industrial stormwater engineer at Golder Associates (now WSP), working on deep geothermal energy optimizations with Sandia National Laboratory and fractured rock simulations for DoD contamination boundaries. She also worked with a team on creating custom bioretention media mixes that have been installed across many acres in the Puget Sound Region. She moved to Osborn Consulting in Bellevue, WA, to pursue projects related to drainage and managed multiple fish passage projects, and was the engineer of record for the firm's first pre-cast fish passage culvert.

Ms. Weston's background in advanced mathematics and engineering with a concentration in finance, error-correcting codes, and stochastic processes has aided her in diversifying the firm's portfolio. Her tenacity to learn about systems and her ability to be on-site and watching 100's of projects in construction over the years makes the foundation of the firm nimble in where it goes. Rebekah is leading the team in construction management, telecom 5G deployments, military work, fish passage (engineered log jams (ELJ)), civil engineering, utility design and planning, and sewer rehabilitation design. Her vision comes from inclusion and educating everyone that works with her. Her motto is, "Equality takes the mentality to create it."

Red Barn is currently ranked 504 in the Inc. 5000 (2021) and is the 4th fastest growing engineering firm. Red Barn has five primary divisions - Engineering, ROW Management, Construction Management, Telecom, and Survey. Rebekah teamed with Financial Manager Elana Hansen, and they have built the firm into a nationwide platform with locations in Seattle, WA, Crown Pointe, IN, Sandusky, OH, and Orlando, FL.

Ms. Weston received a BA Degree in Mathematics & Computer Science from Ohio State University, a Master's Degree in Industrial Mathematics, and a Master's Degree in Civil Engineering from Michigan State University. She received her LEED AP in 2008 and her certification in Sustainable Transportation Planning from the University of Washington. She has multiple international publications in stochastic processes from hydraulics to skin cancer modeling.