Hidden Creek

In 2020, a tree fell in the Hidden Creek basin and created a situation that would threaten fish passage and a nearby apartment complex. The stream migrated to the extreme limits of its braided channel and caused significant erosion against a pool wall and apartment building. An exposed sewer pipe was left unsupported and immediate repairs were required to prevent further damage.

Red Barn worked with Northwest Environmental to assess the damage and prepare the emergency permits with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Army Corps of Engineers, and the City of Kirkland. We quickly mobilized to prevent further erosion and developed and implemented log jams based on HEC-RAS modeling to prevent future undermining of the creek banks.

Hidden Creek is a fish-bearing waterway. For the creek to remain a safe and healthy fish passage, timing the completion of work to match wildlife behavior and keeping turbidity levels low has been essential. Red Barn has been actively involved in the project and designed the temporary fish bypass that enabled repair and restoration work.