Foss Waterway

Red Barn is currently working on four projects, including five hundred housing units, with stormwater discharge into Foss Waterway. Our expertise in biological assessments and environmentally friendly roofing will be crucial to successful project completion. Foss Waterway was previously designated a superfund site in the early 1980s by the EPA, and maintaining the renewed integrity of that environment is paramount.

Presently, we are completing a biological assessment for a HUD-funded project within the Thea Foss Basin. Our experience working with fisheries and our knowledge of endangered species will prove crucial to successful project completion.

Red Barn will use its knowledge of environmentally friendly roofing systems to ensure that the appropriate materials and processes are used at these project sites (i.e., coating galvanized materials, installing BTS roofing).

To learn more about environmentally friendly roofing types, visit the Washington Department of Ecology’s website.