Rebekah J. Weston, PE, LEED AP

President & Owner
Civil Engineer & Water Resources

Rebekah brings sound leadership to each project with an in-depth knowledge of technical and permitting requirements for varying jurisdictions. She has developed a training manual for Red Barn’s engineering process which guides the company. Rebekah has been a leader on multiple types of projects including site development (multi-family, single-family), municipal water system plans, design, and system upgrades, fish-passable culverts, pipe repair for military bases and cities, industrial stormwater solutions, waterfront restoration, stream restoration, and flooding reductions. Red Barn has 3 groups that Rebekah oversees – Multi-Family/Commercial, Single-Family/Short Plats, and Municipal/Utilities. She also oversees the executive role for construction management.

Her advanced degrees in MSc Civil Engineering and MS Industrial Mathematics and her background in training manual writing is what leads the team. She studied the principals of flow at high volumes, pump systems, and pressurization in advanced mathematical and computational fluid dynamics courses. Her in-depth technical background mixed with 15 years of practical engineering allows clients to rely on her options analysis for each project. She has run pump tests, analyzed water hammer issues, and reported conditions.

We encourage you to call and to set up consultations with Rebekah to help finish your project and set realistic time frames for permits.

To request a consultation with Rebekah, email us at