Fiber Optic Design

Our engineers design trenchless installations for electrical and fiber optic (FO) design in the right-of-way. This requires a knowledge of the soils, utilities, and bore pit locations. We work with a team of electrical, structural, and fiber optic specialists to develop underground and overhead designs for electrical and fiber optic extensions. We have designed over 100 miles of network solutions. Our team understands the network and the DAS (distributed antenna system) for wireless and how 5G allows for more service within the same bandwidth.

• CFOT/CPCT Certified for FTTH and FTTW applications
• Coordination with Fiber Optic Suppliers for Proprietary Systems
• FO Pole Analysis
• FOSC Vault Design
• Infrastructure Integrity Reporting
• Make-Ready for Civil & Electrical work
• Photometric Analysis
• Street Lighting Electrical/5G Design
• Voltage Drop Calculations