Lean on us to lead you the right way!

Red Barn’s right-of-way consulting team coordinates your project needs with jurisdictions to secure the necessary project limits. This includes coordinating dedications, easements, temporary construction easements, property research, title report due diligence, utility backchecking, and right-of-entry. We have extensive experience in both the public and private sectors in this capacity.

Our priority is to keep clients informed about project impacts and the best approach to building within the right-of-way. We work with real property divisions where work may require easements for other stakeholders. We also work with assessors and right-of-way acquisition specialists to determine the value of property and easements and manage that process. Our staff has overseen the acquisitions and needs of many projects, ranging from multi-billion-dollar transit projects to smaller site developments. Issues can arise on projects of all sizes, and our team of real estate experts will walk you through the process.

Right-of-way consulting services:

• Dedications
• Easement preparation (sidewalk, sidewalk and utility, ingress/egress)
• Managing the right-of-way acquisition process
• Right-of-entry preparation
• Surveying
• Temporary construction easements
• Title report review and backcheck
• Utility research