Red Barn’s drainage team provides plans and reports to architects, developers, and homeowners. We have obtained more than 400 drainage permits in five years and understand the code analysis for many different regions of the United States. Red Barn has experts in drainage design, reports, planning, monitoring, and custom water quality design mixes. We are a leading national firm in stormwater, with our new laboratory set up for long-term media studies that evaluate predictability to exhaustion.

We have worked in a range of environments, from flash flooding areas to sensitive ecological zones. Our team understands the dynamics of the downstream condition and works to provide solutions that are both financially and physically sustainable.

Drainage services:

• Critical Areas Studies
• Culverts
• Custom Media Mix Design for Industrial Sites
• Feasibility Studies
• Fish Passage
• Flood Modeling and Control
• Graywater Design
• Green Stormwater Infrastructure
• Green Streets
• HUD Documentation
• Laboratory Testing for Long-Term Media Blends
• Mapping of buildable area (Note: Understand the buildable area before hiring an architect)
• Outfall Design
• Purple Pipe Solutions
• Rainwater Reuse
• Stormwater Design
• Stormwater Pipe Repair
• Vegetated Roof Calculations