Cooke Building

The Cooke Building is an icon in Sandusky, built in the 1800s. Being in the heart of downtown, it was one of the grandest buildings in the City at one time. Over the years, it fell into a dilapidated, unrepairable state. The original plan was to use the existing structure with modifications to the rear access and install new utilities to the mains from the building. Upon clearing out and starting the remodeling, it was determined that the existing floor's strength was from the years of dirt filling in the floor's cracks, providing its stability. Once clearing and demolition began, it was determined that the structure could not be saved.

The new structure is being constructed in the exact location, up against the adjoining buildings. The new space allows for car access, parking, retail, and office and living spaces. The new utility services were also moved to serve the new units better.

Red Barn provided a survey of the existing building and new site, grading, utility design, and plans.