Eastside Prep

TALI Hall is the second building on the Eastside Preparatory campus where a member of the Red Barn Staff has been the lead civil engineer/project manager. The project included the design and construction of a new performing arts and theater building. In addition to providing civil services, Red Barn offered its services to help the team with whatever tasks were needed and expedite approvals. For example, the temporary school located down the street required an additional parking lot and stairs. Within days, the project team prepared the requested documents and obtained the approval so that the relocation of the students stayed on schedule. Red Barn prepared a queueing diagram and signage for the temporary school facility down the street, prepared and obtained the demolition permits, coordinated directly with Frontier for fiber optic rerouting, and prepared and coordinated the SEPA application. Many of the tasks for the school required the team to be able to jump in, drop everything, and get the job done. Other reasons for success on this project, which has a total 18-month design & construction duration, include phasing the construction and having the shoring and excavation permits pulled prior to the building permit, and working with the City staff to understand the school's deadlines.