Sound Transit

Red Barn was selected to provide construction management and environmental compliance support for this $3 billion and approximately 10-mile transit rail extension project in Lynnwood, WA. This transit project stretches nearly 10 miles through multiple jurisdictions and critical area resources, encompassing 22 wetlands and six streams.

Our construction management services include providing lead civil construction engineering, specialized expertise in dewatering, environmental construction management, construction quality value, and construction inspection. The project scope includes mitigation of a bog, wetland plantings, and fish exclusion for the fish-bearing streams that cross through the project. As the early earthwork required the rough grading to be in place for the large rail stations, the Red Barn team with multiple erosion control specialists has verified the Contractor's work for the 10-mile stretch.

Red Barn's environmental support includes performing daily compliance with permit conditions, conducting stormwater monitoring, and documenting site conditions. Red Barn also monitors wetland mitigation site grading, installation of habitat structures, and planting and has provided fish removal at the mitigation site.

Red Barn Engineering Services

  • Construction Management

  • Environmental Compliance