Red Barn has been active in Green Shores for homes and revetments for many coastal waterfront projects in multiple areas throughout the United States. For instance, tidally influenced areas require an understanding of sea-level rise and the impact of driftwood on structures. In the Great Lakes region, we are primarily concerned with wave action, freeze-thawing of the lake and rising lake levels. Revetments have been designed along the coastal areas of Lake Erie for large commercial projects, marinas, highways, as well as for homeowners.

In 2020, Red Barn acquired a coastal firm that provides survey mappings with GPS, which allows the firm to map critical aquatic species and aid in bathymetry and documentation of sedimentation.

• Accumar Cable & Lift Designs
• Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling (Flow-3D, Nextflow)
• Dredging Design for Long-Term Maintenance as well as Habitat Planning
• Engineered Log Jams
• Large Woody Material
• Marina Planning and Dock Design (Collaborative with Manufacturer)
• Plant restoration
• Revetment Design
• Sea Level Rise Infrastructure Planning and Modeling
• Sediment Analysis
• Shoreline Design
• Shoreline Master Plan Updates
• Soft Shore Design and Compliance Monitoring
• Waterfront Surveys