Our firm is comprised of hydraulic engineers with advanced degrees in mathematics, engineering, mechanical engineering, and fluid dynamics. We use our advanced mathematics to expedite modeling in 2D and 3D modeling applications. Our advanced modeling has been used to get approvals in coastal and stream projects for scour and fish passage. We collaborate with agencies in multiple states and regions on developing our models.

• CE-QUAL-W2 with macrophytes for lake vegetation management
• Closed Depression Analysis
• Coastal Design for Revetments using Landsat Data
• Fish Passage
• Flood Hazard Analysis
• Flow-through Porous Media (Water Quality Applications)
• HEC-RAS Modeling
• Integrated Groundwater Modeling
• River 2D Modeling
• SCADA Monitoring and Control Feedback for Well Production
• Stream Simulation Design
• SWMM Modeling
• Water Circulation in Reservoirs
• Zero-Rise Certifications

Our staff has several published works on the above topics. Check out our blog for the R&D that we are currently doing related to Hydraulic Modeling.